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Mini split systems are the most efficient cooling systems available today. And for those of us living in Central FL, efficiency is vital. Give us a call today to learn about the mini splits we offer and our professional installation services!

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Mini Split installation services in Longwood, FL

Ductless mini split systems are growing in popularity in the US and for good reason; their efficiency is unmatched. Did you know that these ductless systems can be more than twice as efficient when compared to conventional central HVAC systems? That means saved energy and saved money on your energy bill. And to top it off, their flexibility and ease of installation is second to none.

At Energy Masters Air, we install both mini split air conditioners and heat pumps for the people of Longwood, FL and the surrounding areas.

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What Exactly is a Mini Split?

A ductless mini split system is similar to a conventional central heating and air system in that it can provide both cooling and heating. The main difference between the two is that mini split systems are ductless. This is primarily what makes them so efficient.

Conventional HVAC systems implement ductwork to transport the air used in the cooling and heating process. This ductwork runs from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit and throughout the home. This is how it disperses cool or warm air through air vents in the home. The problem is that with ductwork, up to 30% or more of the air within the ducts can be lost due to a number of reasons. This loss of air is what negatively impacts the efficiency of these HVAC systems.

With a ductless system, on the other hand, they do not need ductwork. Instead, these systems implement small piping that runs through the wall and connects to an indoor unit. Through these small lines, the cooling and heating process is completed without the transferring of air. The indoor unit then disperses the cool or warm air inside directly, rather than having to travel through ductwork. This process negates any loss of air and ensures the highest efficiency possible.

Benefits of Mini Split Systems

Along with the amazing efficiency benefits that ductless systems provide, there are a number of other benefits. These benefits include flexibility, versatility, and ease of installation.

Flexibility & Versatility

Because mini split systems typically have an indoor unit installed in each room or section (known as a zone) of a home or building, they allow for very customizable settings. Each zone has its own thermostat so if you want one zone to be a certain temperature and another zone to be a completely different temperature, this can be accomplished. This further increases the efficiency possibilities and comfort options throughout the home.

Ease of Installation

With mini split systems, the installation process is a much more simpler one when compared to conventional HVAC systems. Since the ductwork is removed, the outdoor unit simply connects to the indoor unit via small lines that run through an exterior wall. These lines contain both the electrical lines and refrigerant lines that allow for the cooling and heating processes to take place. And that’s all that’s needed! There is no need to run ductwork all over the home or building, which can occupy much of the labor time with a conventional system install.

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Indoor unit (top) and outdoor unit (bottom)

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